Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She is sucks

Studying in UTAR had made grown mature, and chioldish at the same time. Sounds contradict, but it's true.

Your close friend can be the one who makes your life suffer. He or she can be the one who ruins your relationship with other friends. My weakness is that I trust people easily, and everytime I was cheated, I feel heart broken, but now no more, I have seen through the reality, I have seen through the person's innerself.

He or she is the person who makes me grow, and makes me become childish in some situation. Thanks her for giving me guidelines for being a cautious adult in my future.

I'll never feel that my life is miserable because of him or her, because I am a lucky one to have soulmate and friends around me who REALLY care about me. Some people who are FAKE please stop being a fake one. Do you know that everytime when you be nice, you really look ugly? You are just like what is sang is the song <>. So please stop, keep those "uglies" with you. Even more, I am so ashamed to have you as a so-called "close friend" as indicated by others.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This blog has been long abandoned.

I found myself so left out:from friends, from event.

I really want to tell my friends that I don't mean that I just want friends whom is beneficial to me. I really don't have the time to get update to all events.
Imagine that you have had some tough time spent on tests and assignments, you would rather have some time to rest at home rather than going far away.(Okay, this should not be an excuse, but I am really tired!)

Kavi, Wunnie, Joe, Anne, Luke, Elaine and everyone else whom I have long lost contact, please forgive me for not having time with you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Words are stuck in my mind. Should I take it serious? I admit, I am like what she says for some of the time. I keep convincing myself that there's no need to show my ability. However, for most of the time, I did not show myself yet people and things around me. I don't know how many of them have the same feeling about me like her. If being better than others is a sin, I doubt what are acts in good faith?

Doing for the purpose of surveying, yet I was misunderstood. So I guess there is no any method for me to undergo survey unless I am given all the data.

Am I really like what she says?Or she is being jealous for what I own? I am pretty lucky compare to friends around me who face the same problem. I have friends around me, I mean really beside me to support me, cheer me up and give me hugs. I hope my friends are as lucky as me. Therefore, being in overseas isn't any too good anyhow.

Actions show your quality best yet language counts. That's why rumors are that effective. Why can't people think carefully before they talk? Don't they think that they will get what they give to other people some other time later? Devils are bad, but they are useful, in the sense that they let us appreciate good things around us.

Thank God I am not a devil. So do my TRUE friends.
(Guess no one would understand what is this all about. Yes, you better not understand, make your life free from troubles)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

SPECIAL Birthday Wishing

I am on msn, Kavi is on msn. She knew it, and she sent a sms to my phone. There it goes:

Happy Birthday darling. Hope you have a very good one:) i miss you. we celebrate when i come home ok! Take care. Love you

I scolded her for wasting money.

She says she is not wasting money, cz wishing my birthday is special.
So guess how i retreat?

thanks a lot kavi for wishing me. am i wasting money for sending this sms to u?no lar, cz i 1 2 thank u. this sms is special (happened when Vi and Ceat both online)

Vi, I am good I know.hahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A narracist is often self-centered and selfish.
I am someone who is so.

I kepy complaining and get angry over his weaknesses, yet I do not agree on my own weaknesses at the same time. I act like a kid.

I am always given the best thing in the world, yet I never appreciate.

Am I suited to have a partner in my life?
Or should I live alone to have both's lifes better?

Often, I can't know how much I love, what's the extend of my love.

If material pulls my heart back, I guess that's not showing how much I love.

I am so undecided in my life. How can I improve in this?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another blog in practical lab

The time now is 11.20am. We are still left in the lab to figure out how to use the software on our own. No one knows how to use it. And the lecturer is not teaching anything, just gives us some variables that we should input to the program.

The thing is, we don't even know how to use the program, how can we input the variables?

I even went to read the tutorial given in the program, but I am stucked half way.
So, I give up, waiting for time to pass.:)(Smile ironically)

Blog during practical

I am now sitting in a lab attending a practical class.

Why do I have the time to write blog?

It is because the tutor(he is also the lecturer) gives us a task to do on the new software introduced to us, leaving us to figure out on how to use the software, without giving any briefing.

Haha, we are to do things on our own for at least 15 minutes already.

This is the laziest teacher I have ever met!(Stop here because the typing is very loud)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Buy phone or camera?

It has been long time since last I camwhore.Not like the usual me when I don't do that. Ok, I have not been doing that for long time, so I am abnormal for this long time.



Happy Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary for both Ben and me. Ben is still sick for getting springles and I have caught flu.

Anyhow, we still celebrate this special day(actually I think that if we are not celebrating it, it doesn't matter, since it is just 2 days after Valentine's Day)

We went Cineleisure to watch movie, guess what, we watch the one which is juct launched currently, Pink Panther 2. Even before the movie is launched, I keep thinking what it is all about. Anyway, the movie is worth watching for Ben and me, full of laughter and the pink panther hero is still the pink panther hero.(I suggest the movie to everyone!)

So then it ends and we had dinner in Kim Gary(had no appetite to eat),this is the first time Ben and me did not finish the food in this restaurant.

Afterwards, like usual, we went to see Gundam again.I wonder when is the time Ben can get all the gundam collection.

Ok, a simple anniversary. Happy anyway.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Long since last I posted.

Sometimes I really feel like giving up ging tuition. I feel I have less time to follow up on my studies, yet giving up makes me loss my source of income, further more with the extra time, I will not be studying anyway.

But this gives me more stress, I have to take care of both my and my students' studies, have to find way to teach my students in a better way.Always I find that I am a lowzy tutor.SHIT!!!!

Aiyah, a lot of things to be considered. Switching course?Not switching? The questions go through my mind uncountable times. Today I have decided not to change, tomorrow I doubt again.

Could I study law without working in legal field?Everyone should tells me of course not, I will be at the age of working soon.